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Widex hearing aids: 5 benefits of UNIQUE

Posted by Associated Audiologists on Mar 8, 2016 8:00:00 AM

unique hearing aidIf you or someone you live with has difficulty hearing and uses a hearing aid to help make sense of the world, you know how exciting it can be when new products or innovations are introduced. UNIQUE hearing aids by Widex are one of the most advanced hearing aid options on the market, with the best wind noise reduction system available.

UNIQUE hearing aids allow you to hear a wider sound profile, providing clarity for both soft and loud noises. Sound quality is always assured, no matter the location. Widex accessories allows you to stay connected to your everyday technical devices, and a range of colors allows you to make UNIQUE hearing aids part of your personal style.

Check out these top five benefits of UNIQUE hearing aids:

1. Hear more sounds

UNIQUE has the widest range of sound capture of any hearing aids on the market, capturing more of your daily life so you don’t miss anything. These devices allow you to clearly hear high and low sound frequencies, as well as loud or soft sounds.

2. Hear pure, clean sound

UNIQUE understands which soft sounds are important -- such as the quiet speech of a friend -- and which need to be ignored, like the hum of your refrigerator. With UNIQUE, blocking wind noise is only the beginning. Other unnecessary ambient noises are filtered in favor of conversations or soft music you would rather hear.

3. Hear anytime, anywhere

UNIQUE aids adapt automatically to the noise profile around you in any situation immediately. Depending on where you are, UNIQUE aids will change the profile to highlight the sounds around you that are most important.

4. Stay connected with COM-DEX

With the partnered COM-DEX device, UNIQUE aids can be directly connected to your Apple or Android mobile device. The COM-DEX allows you to pick up phone calls or listen to music, streaming the sound directly into your hearing aids with no bulky headphones. Controls and volume can be accessed with the touch of just one button and through a simple application on your phone.

5. Choose from an array of fashion choices

UNIQUE aids come in 14 colors across the various models, including multiple skin tones or fashion colors like blue or pink. UNIQUE aids will become a fundamentally important part of your daily life, so it is important they match your personal style as well. Whether that is discreet and understated or bright and vibrant, there is an option for you!

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