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Hearing impairment is not dating impairment!

Posted by Associated Audiologists on Apr 7, 2016 8:00:00 AM

dating with hearing lossIt’s more than possible to have a rich dating life with hearing loss. Dealing with hearing loss may be difficult, but it doesn’t mean your social life has to end. After all, hearing aids allow you to live fully without affecting your favorite activities. If dating is one of those activities, why should you sacrifice dating for hearing loss? You can still embark on your own path to find love.

The key to dating with hearing loss is feeling confident. Understand that nobody is perfect, and that your date could also have insecurities. You might need a hearing aid, but perhaps your date requires reading glasses or a walking cane. Before going on a date, try to remember the positive qualities you have to offer a partner.

While hearing loss could make certain activities that are hallmarks of the dating world slightly more complicated — such as going to a movie — there are plenty of other options. Here are tips to make sure your date goes as smoothly as possible.

Pick a quiet spot

The popular new restaurant that received rave reviews may be an exciting place to meet, but steer clear if the venue will most likely be busy and noisy. Instead, choose a small, cozy neighborhood restaurant or consider going out on a weeknight earlier in the evening to avoid the dinner rush. This helps ensure minimal noise and fewer distractions. If you’re familiar with the restaurant, try to reserve a table away from the kitchen.

Talk about hearing loss

Hearing loss isn’t always a condition you can easily conceal, especially if you accidently respond in error or mis-hear. Consider informing your date about your hearing loss up front so you can both relax and enjoy the rest of your evening together.

It’s okay if you hear your date incorrectly

It's okay to ask your partner to repeat something if you didn't hear it. Don’t pretend you can hear clearly when you can’t. This leads to further misunderstandings. Learning that your partner is a patient communicator could be a real key to the success of a healthy relationship.

Maintain eye contact

Direct eye contact helps you understand and hear what your date is saying, and also helps boost your confidence. Eye contact helps build trust, which is important when you’re meeting someone new for the first time.

Remember to breathe and relax

If you present your hearing aid as just another modern tool that helps you get through the day, your date probably won’t mind, and might be impressed that you’re able to take charge of your health in a positive manner.

Perhaps the most crucial part of dating with hearing loss is to remember that you have plenty to offer, and that hearing impairment does not define who you are. A great partner will be understanding about your condition.

Are you being affected by hearing loss? Contact Associated Audiologists today to find out how our doctoral-level audiologists can help you hear your best and keep you tuned in to life.

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