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Hearing aid accessories to enhance your hearing experience

Posted by Associated Audiologists on Jan 14, 2016 9:00:00 AM

types of hearing aid accessoriesDevices and accessories that supplement hearing and hearing aids have been around for years, but are constantly improving. We now have specialized devices that can take incoming sounds from a person, television, phone, or sound system, and wirelessly send the original sound to your hearing aids so it can be maximized for speech understanding according to your degree of hearing loss.

These devices connect a transmitter, such as a microphone, to the sound source. The sound is then wirelessly sent to a receiver in your hearing aids, which can detect the sound and apply your hearing aid settings based on your specific hearing loss.

One of the benefits to this type of technology is that it helps overcome negative factors that reduce speech understanding, such as background noise, poor acoustics, or distance. Many of these devices are designed for individual users, but larger scale systems also are available for public venues, such as theaters or churches.

Apps to help you hear better

In addition to devices that enhance what you hear through your hearing aids, you can also benefit from devices such as captioned phones and cell phone apps that will caption your phone calls, typing the sound into text. This technology allows the use of your vision to complement your hearing, just as in face-to-face communications.

New cell phone apps such as the Widex Com-Dex, ReSound Smart App, and ReSound Relief Tinnitus App also allow you to personalize your hearing experience. Several apps let you control your hearing aids from your cell phone, adjusting volume and microphone directionality.

The ReSound Relief Tinnitus App creates soundscapes to help mask or cover tinnitus. The sounds can be played from your phone’s speaker, or directly through your hearing aids.

At Associated Audiologists, we strive to provide solutions for your individual needs. A particular advantage to all of this assistive technology is that it can be a relatively inexpensive addition that can improve hearing performance.

If you have a situation that leaves you in need of additional hearing or communication assistance, please talk with one of our doctoral-level audiologists to learn more about these exciting new and improved technologies.

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