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How modern hearing aid technology helps you hear better on the phone

Posted by Associated Audiologists on Feb 23, 2016 8:00:00 AM

modern hearing aidsOur lives and those of our loved ones are increasingly taking place online, on digital devices, and over mobile phones. It can be very difficult to have a conversation over the phone with hearing loss. Because we cannot see the other person’s lips moving or body language, it’s easy to miss things! When speaking on the phone, always use the receiver on your better side, remind the other person you have some hearing loss and to speak clearly, and don’t be afraid to ask for clarification.

Fortunately, modern hearing aids have been developed to ensure users can seamlessly access the digital tools of the twenty-first century. Devices such as COM-DEX by Widex have made it possible to connect your hearing aids to your smartphone or other device with the use of discreet and easy-to-use controls.

Connectivity and controls

COM-DEX from Widex is a small rectangular device that hangs around your neck. It streams sound from your smartphone directly into your hearing aids, allowing you to enjoy hands-free communication and audio while you go about your daily life. You can pick up phone calls with one simple touch of a button, adjust the volume, and control the music, podcast, or audio book you’re listening to on your Apple or Android device.


COM-DEX by Widex allows you to hear phone conversations perfectly clearly through your hearing aids. Often, the sound quality of our modern mobile devices leaves a lot to be desired, and even on full volume, it can be challenging to hear alerts for calls and messages. By connecting COM-DEX by Widex to your smartphone, you will clearly hear calls and notifications, and most importantly, easily understand your loved ones when talking on the phone.


COM-DEX is just one example of the Widex line of products that can assist you in communicating with your friends and family. If you prefer to talk on your landline, you can use the Widex PHONE-DEX. By attaching this small add-on to your home phone, you can stream the sound of your calls directly into your hearing aids, with no cords. Visit the Widex web site for more information on these and other assistive listening devices.

Ask your audiologist about the full line of Widex products made to help you enjoy your daily life to the fullest!

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