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How the microchip revolutionized the hearing aid industry

Posted by Associated Audiologists on Mar 15, 2016 8:00:00 AM

hearing aid microchipThe latest trend in hi-tech devices is “wearable tech.” From Google Glass to the Apple Watch, all the biggest companies are getting into the wearables market. Most people don’t realize, however, that the hearing aid industry has been in the wearables market for decades. Hearing aids were the first true technology that we brought with us everywhere.

Hearing aid technology has been advancing for decades, and microchips are fairly new to the industry in comparison. Major advancements in the past few years in microchip technology are moving the hearing aid industry forward just as quickly as the rest of the tech industry, most notably in a wide range of new features and sleeker fashion options. You should talk to your audiologist about what hearing aids might work best for you, and read on to learn more about the technological advancements in the industry. 

New hearing aid features

Microchip technology now means that today’s hearing aids can seamlessly connect with all the other advanced technology around us. Today, hearing aids have the capability to be controlled from your smartphone, interact directly with the volume on your TV, directly deliver the audio from your phone calls, and more, all with just one touch of a button. Other advanced features of today’s hearing aids include assistance with background noise and more intelligent technology that determines which sounds are important and which are not.

Hearing aid fashion choices

Microchips are extremely small pieces of technology, sometimes with millions of connections on a slice of silicone the size of a fingernail. This means that the bulky hearing aids of the past are no longer necessary. Advances in technology allow today’s hearing aids to be sleek and fashionable, or invisible altogether.

Modern hearing aids now come in a variety of colors and can be worn like jewelry, or kept out of sight completely. Even accessories that come with the hearing aids are now designed with both fashion and function in mind. The rest of today’s technological devices are now built for looks as much as function, and modern hearing aids are no exception.

If you’re considering hearing aids for the first time or are in need of an upgrade, you may be surprised of the options available to you. Download our free e-book, How today’s hearing aids can help you hear better, to learn about these exciting technological advances!

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