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Introducing the HyperSound Clear™ Sound System: Improved TV experience for those with hearing loss

Posted by Associated Audiologists on Mar 22, 2016 8:00:00 AM

HyperSound technologyThe HyperSound Clear Sound System is the answer to all home viewing problems for individuals with hearing loss or those with normal hearing who wanted to experience a completely revolutionary way to enjoy television. HyperSound benefits the entire family, ensuring those with hearing loss can enjoy their favorite programs with everyone again.

By connecting the HyperSound Clear Sound System to your TV, you can easily hear all your favorite programs clearly, while those in the rest of the audience notice a richer sound. Programs sound as if you are listening to them on private stereo headphones in the center of your head, while the sleek HyperSound design works with any décor. Whether you’re watching history-making news or the final episode of a beloved sitcom, you can enjoy TV time with the family without feeling like you’re missing out on anything important while being immersed in amazing sound.

Benefit from enhanced, clear audio

The HyperSound Clear Sound System uses meticulously designed speakers to target sound to a specific place in your living room. Once you choose your favorite spot in the room, HyperSound Clear Sound System is positioned in such a way that your spot receives special audio attention. Conversations between your favorite characters become crystal clear as sound is beamed directly to you, while the rest of your family can leave the TV at a comfortable listening volume.

Customize the system for your hearing

The HyperSound speakers are programmed, designed, and positioned to your personal hearing-need specifications by a professional installer, and operated by you through a simple control panel. The system is used in conjunction with your existing speaker system so other listeners benefit from great sound quality at the normal levels. They won’t even notice you are hearing something different unless they steal your seat!

HyperSound speakers work like a flashlight, with a narrow beam rather than the “bare light bulb” diffused sound of traditional speakers. Sound travels directly to the listener in a focused straight line and cuts through the ambient noise in the room, rather than bouncing around and weakening before reaching you. Without barriers to the sound, you will hear the soundtrack to your favorite films and television programs clearly again better than you remember.

Enjoy movie night again with HyperSound Clear Sound System! Associated Audiologists is one of the exclusive  Kansas City-area HyperSound dealers. Contact us for more information or watch this video to learn more.

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