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The real cost of hearing loss

hearing loss and quality of lifeEvery day, we see patients at Associated Audiologists who have measurable hearing loss, but who may be hesitant to invest in the hearing aid technology they need to hear their best. What they may not consider is that the real cost of hearing loss goes far beyond the immediate price of the hearing aid technology or the audiologist’s evaluation.

Hearing loss affects job performance

More than 30 percent of full-time employees suspect they have a hearing problem, but have not sought treatment. Hearing loss can affect productivity, job performance, and earnings. A national Better Hearing Institute study found that people with untreated hearing loss lose as much as $30,000 in income annually.

Hearing aids can improve your quality of life

Research shows when people treat even mild hearing loss, their quality of life improves. Plus, when they use hearing aids, they get more pleasure from doing things they enjoy, they feel more engaged in life, and their relationships improve!

Resolving hearing issues is good for your overall health

Non-hearing aid users are more likely to feel down, depressed, or hopeless, and are more likely than hearing aid users to experience cognitive decline and dementia. Other research has shown connections between diabetes and hearing loss, heart disease and hearing loss, and a greater risk of falling and hospitalization.

Affording hearing aids

We know price and budget are important, and we are very sensitive to these issues. Fortunately, today we can offer entry-level technology for as low as $450 per ear. Hearing aids with more advanced features may range from $1,800 to $3,000 per ear. To be sure your hearing aids are performing optimally, we verify every hearing aid we fit with special equipment.

Patients with insurance may have coverage that could help with the cost, and financing options are available for individuals who qualify. Our office can help investigate these options for you.

If you’re tired of turning up the TV volume, missing what people are saying at work, asking family and friends to repeat things, can barely remember the sound of birds chirping, or are worn out from coping with a neglected hearing loss, we can help you do something about it.

Are you experiencing hearing loss and need an audiologist? Associated Audiologists has doctoral-level professionals who can help you explore the “real” cost of hearing loss. Contact us today to make an appointment, and prevent hearing problems from affecting your everyday lifestyle.

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