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Six Signs of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Posted by Associated Audiologists on Apr 16, 2018 8:00:00 AM

An analysis from the Centers for Disease Control suggests at least 10 million (6 percent) adults in the U.S. under age 70 - and perhaps as many as 40 million adults total (24 percent) - may have noise-induced hearing loss based on their hearing test results.

The study also found 19 percent of young adults aged 20 to 29 had hearing loss in one or both ears. This finding reinforces the fact that young adults also need to be aware of the risk of hearing loss from loud noise.

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3 tips for dealing with noise during game day

Posted by Associated Audiologists on Dec 8, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Your love of sports may be damaging your hearing. Though attending live sporting events and going to a crowded bar to watch sports can be a great way to spend time with friends, let loose, and have fun, it can also put you at a greater risk of permanent hearing loss. Live sports can be loud enough to create noise-induced hearing issues, as can the noisy atmosphere in a bar and the TV volume at full blast.

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Common myths about noise-induced hearing loss

Posted by Associated Audiologists on Sep 27, 2016 7:20:00 AM

People are exposed to a variety of noises every day. Power tools, the lawn mower running, and the radio in the car are a few examples of everyday sounds that all have the ability to damage hearing if they’re loud enough or if your exposure is long enough. This is known as noise-induced hearing loss, and it affects millions of Americans.

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5 easy ways to protect your ears against noise-induced hearing loss

Posted by Associated Audiologists on Jul 7, 2016 7:30:00 AM

Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is perhaps the most dangerous kind, because it can happen to anyone at virtually anytime and can have permanent, irreversible effects on your hearing. NIHL is particularly difficult because unlike many forms of hearing loss, it is entirely preventable.

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Noise-induced hearing loss: What it is and how to treat it

Posted by Associated Audiologists on Jun 15, 2016 7:30:00 AM

We’ve all been there: You’re out listening to live music, and you’re seated just a little too close to the speakers. Or perhaps there’s been heavy, loud construction going on outside your home for weeks on end. Perhaps, even, you are that musician playing extra-loud, or that construction worker dealing with heavy machinery.

Are you or a loved one dealing with hearing loss? Contact Associated Audiologists today to learn more about your treatment options. 

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