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Useful tips for new hearing aid wearers

Posted by Associated Audiologists on Jan 28, 2016 2:30:00 PM

advice for new hearing aid usersAlthough nothing can replace your natural hearing, today’s advanced digital hearing aids work very well for most people when fit and adjusted appropriately by a highly trained audiologist. Hearing aids should be fit comfortably and should deliver a good sound quality. You should be able to notice a benefit when wearing them.

The following tips for hearing aid users will help you get the most benefit out of your hearing aids:

  1. Wear the hearing aids regularly to help your brain quickly adjust to better hearing.
  2. Wear the hearing aids only as long as you are comfortable wearing them. If they cause discomfort, notify your audiologist.
  3. Allow yourself time to adapt to wearing the hearing aids, and be patient. They can be adjusted if necessary.
  4. Do not strain to catch every word. Even people with normal hearing do not hear every word!
  5. Don’t be discouraged by background noise. Try reducing noise when appropriate or use good environmental tips, which your audiologist can recommend.
  6. Practice locating the source of the sound by listening only.
  7. Notify your audiologist if loud sounds are painful or uncomfortable. Fast-acting, advanced digital technology can help control loud sounds from becoming bothersome.
  8. Practice learning to discriminate different speech sounds by listening to audiobooks or having someone read aloud.
  9. Gradually increase the number of situations in which you use your hearing aids, and don’t be afraid to expose yourself to a variety of listening environments as you take note of your experiences.
  10. Discuss your communication needs and concerns with your audiologist. The doctoral-level audiologists with Associated Audiologists all have specialized training in aural rehabilitation have the experience to assist you.
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