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Why it's important to see a highly trained audiologist

Posted by Associated Audiologists on Mar 1, 2016 8:00:00 AM

highly trained audiologistImagine that you’ve just installed new windows in your house. One morning, you’re in the kitchen making coffee, and gust of wind hits the house. Your entire kitchen window pops out of its frame, falling to the floor. What on earth? you think to yourself. These windows are brand-new, how can they possibly be faulty?

The problem lies with the installation, not the window. Every consumer report for home windows emphasizes using trained window installers. Any window — even the best on the market — would have popped out of its framed if it weren’t installed correctly. This is the value of trusting professionals to do an important job for you — and if you would expect that kind of service with your windows, then certainly you would want that level of professionalism when you are purchasing hearing aids. At Associated Audiologists, we take that responsibility seriously.

“The typical advertisements for hearing aids focus on low cost and invisibility, which of course try to ‘lure’ potential patients,” says Tim Steele, Ph.D., FAAA, president of Associated Audiologists, Inc. “There are also retail options available promoting inexpensive hearing aids. Don’t be fooled.”

Dr. Steele cautions that a hearing device is only as good as the provider who programs it and develops your care plan. At Associated Audiologists, this means we get the best value for your hearing aid through comprehensive diagnostic testing, as well as our access to leading hearing aid technology. And, of course, our doctoral-level audiologists deliver care that meets or exceeds industry standards and best practices.

We have a wide range of manufacturers from whom we source cutting-edge technology, and we can fit our recommendations to nearly every budget. Our staff is dedicated, providing same-day services when possible if there are issues with your hearing aids. And you won’t find a practice that has more experts — we are the only private practice in the region with 15 doctoral-level audiologists.

“There is a business adage you may have heard before: Low price, high quality, or outstanding service — pick two,” Dr. Steele says. “Enough said. We promise to deliver the best value to our patients. That means we aren’t the least expensive, but we aren’t the most expensive either. We also aren’t willing to sacrifice the quality products or level of service we know our patients deserve and expect.”

Is it time for you to invest in hearing aids, or are you in need of an upgrade? Request an appointment with one of our doctoral-level audiologists to discover the best hearing aids for your needs!

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